Make skillful memories of a lifetime. Preschooler activities and learning guides for building confidence and making lifelong memories—that's the latest program that Pazilla has launched. We do something almost every Saturday and Sunday in or around Cary, NC. Please let me know if you and your kids want to join us! We're open to new kinds of activities too, and we get along wonderfully with everyone regardless of differences.


Camping List

Here's a camping list for your reference. Enjoy!

Carriage Woods decorative trees

Here is a link to A guide with three decorative trees common to Carriage Woods.

Hemlock Bluffs Nature Walk

Here is a link to A guide with three leaves on it.

We enjoy having fun outdoors with other people, and provide resources for youth scouting organizations, or others who may not be a part of a scouting group. All of our materials are made freely available in a free culture license that can be optionally customized by you for your needs.

You can contact Mitch at (919) 480-8089 if you have questions or want to get together for something new. I'm located in Cary, North Carolina.

We also host activities for kids and adults to have fun with friends, and we have free guides for how to do the same thing with others in your area. Please contact Mitch for help with your group, or if there are guides or guidance you would like. We love outdoor activities, but indoor activities with others are excellent too.

We are a nonprofit organization in support of nonviolence. Pazilla's mission is to advance peaceful existence by sparking dialogue, compassion, and awareness. We bridge boundaries among diverse groups through education, services, outreach, and advocacy. We seek to curtail violence and to mitigate conditions leading to violence, locally and globally.

I encourage you to explore the guides we provide, and fork them to make changes you may like. You can also do a pull request if you think some changes belong in the core guides.

My name is Mitch Franklin, and I'm the founder of Pazilla. I achieved Life rank in the Boy Scouts of America when I was young; I now have two young children and had been searching for a good way for all of us to do outdoor activities together, but nothing seemed quite right for us and our friends. With Pazilla Guides, I hope to begin a movement of helping others to get hands-on useful experience having fun in the outdoors and indoors too, by providing free resources that you can use as you please and modify if they aren't quite right, while sharing them back with the next generation.

I welcome you to Pazilla.

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