Pazilla started at the beginning of 2012, and our board is motivated to make the vision of nonviolence happen in a way that can be easily shared with others locally and globally. For more information, please call Mitch at (919) 480-8089.

Mitch Franklin, President & CEO

Joshua "Mitch" Franklin, a graduate from NC State University with a Master of Science, has been committed to resolving the causes of violence for many years, with a large involvement organizing events for other organizations such as Stop Hunger Now. He works for a software company as a database marketing analyst, and is eager to contribute to the mission of reducing violence.

Brian Nobles, Vice President

Brian, also a graduate from NC State University, is an active member of the international community in the Triangle, and enjoys bringing people together through the wonderful art of dance. Brian is a manager at a major telecommunications company, and he also connects the world together in communication as part of his daily job.

Mike Tsao, Treasurer

Mike Tsao is a graduate of The University of South Florida and is our resident bank account guru. He is in the business of international shipping and often wonders how that relates to his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

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